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Business Gift Multifunctional Desktop Calendar Temperature Alarm Clock Pen Holder
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Net Weight: 166g

Size: Approx 10cm x 5cm x 12cm(LxWxH)
Color: Clear
Material: ABS
Powered by built-in battery.
Normal time mode displays hours, dates ( running from year 2000 to year 2099 ) , and weeks 12 hours or 24 hours modes can be shifted as needed.
When battery is installed, normal time display 12:00, and one song will play.
Ordinary alarm time can be set up in alarm mode, different music can be selected to come with the ringing , additionally the exact interval hours could be set up under sleeping mode.
Examine automatically the temperature environment, press "set" key to switch Celsius\Fahrenheit in normal mode.
You can set countdown timer, the range of time is from 23:59 to 00:00, it will ring when time is up.
You can set the exact time and date of birthday mention, birthday song will play on.

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